Standard Service Rates

Service: K9 Walking
Service Description Fees
K9 Walking each additional K9 per walk (up to 3 total) $5.00
K9 Walking One K9 per walk (30 minutes) $30.00
Service: Kats and other small pets
Service Description Fees
Kats and other small pets each additional Kat or small pet per visit $5.00
Kats and other small pets One Kat or other pet per visit (30 minutes) $30.00
Service: Misc Services
Service Description Fees
Misc Services Any Consultation after the first meeting (per 1/2 hour) $30.00
Misc Services Providing Injection Medications per pet per visit $10.00
Misc Services Providing Pill Medications per pet per visit $5.00
Misc Services First Meet & Greet : (typically 30 minutes) $0.00
Misc Services Key Drop Off and Pick Up $15.00
Service: Off-Leash K9 Park Visit
Service Description Fees
Off-Leash K9 Park Visit One K9 for 1 Hour $50.00
Off-Leash K9 Park Visit each additional K9 (up to 3 total) $10.00
Service: Over-Night Pet Sitting
Service Description Fees
Over-Night Pet Sitting each additional pet per night $10.00
Over-Night Pet Sitting One pet per night (average 10-12 hours of stay) $100.00
Service: Pet Transportation
Service Description Fees
Pet Transportation each additional pet $10.00
Pet Transportation Drop off and pick up/wait at your Vet or Groomer (each 1/2 hour + mileage) $30.00
Service: Puppy Play
Service Description Fees
Puppy Play each additional puppy per visit $5.00
Puppy Play One puppy per visit (30 minutes) $30.00
Service: Senior/Disabled K9 Play
Service Description Fees
Senior/Disabled K9 Play each additional K9 per visit $10.00
Senior/Disabled K9 Play One Senior/Disabled K9 per visit (30 minutes) $30.00